Virtual Classroom Training

LIVE instructor-led training sessions, now without the need for travel!

A2LA WorkPlace Training’s Virtual Classroom delivers the hands-on, interpersonal experience of a traditional classroom with greater schedule flexibility and no travel requirements. Using cutting-edge teaching tools, AWPT’s instructors can provide valuable and enriching virtual training to learners all over the world.

How Does It Work?

Virtual Classroom is live, instructor-led training that learners participate in through an intuitive and user-friendly video classroom program. Unlike basic video conferencing, participants work through breakout rooms to collaborate on problem-solving and application-based activities. Learners easily and intuitively participate in large or small group discussions, create solutions using virtual whiteboards, share and receive documents, and more. 


Why Virtual Classroom?

The remote training provided in AWPT’s Virtual Classroom has several unique advantages compared to AWPT’s e-learning or in-person training options. It eliminates the costs associated with travel and lodging for attendees and allows them to participate in our courses without leaving their job duties behind for days at a time. Unlike with self-paced e-learning, our Virtual Classroom lets learners interact directly with AWPT’s expert instructors and their fellow learners, giving them the opportunity to participate more actively in the courses. Additionally, AWPT conducts a live follow-up Q&A one week after each Virtual Classroom course concludes. This provides a forum for attendees to ask follow-up or clarification questions after they have had the opportunity to review and apply what they have learned. As with in-person training, learners will receive supplemental job aids, activities, and documents.




Visit the A2LA WorkPlace Training calendar to view our scheduled Virtual Classroom courses. If you are interested in other forms of remote training, consider AWPT’s self-directed e-learning modules.