About Us - A2LAWPT

A2LA WorkPlace Training (AWPT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest-quality professional training and consulting services in the fields of management systems, conformity assessment, and precision measurement. We work to continuously prove ourselves as an industry leader by providing training and consultancy services that exceed customer expectations, demonstrate industry-proven techniques, and provide tangible value to our customers. A2LA WorkPlace Training courses make use of technology and professional education techniques to deliver information in a way that is effective and accessible. 


Provide independent, world-class training programs that inspire confidence in the quality of service and acceptance of results from organizations.

Training Programs

A2LA Workplace Training courses utilize a variety of proven delivery methods, both in a traditional classroom setting and online. Classroom courses are offered either publicly or as customized contract training requested by a specific organization. Remote courses are delivered either as self-paced online e-learning modules or through live instructor-led courses called Virtual Classroom. Regardless of your preferred delivery method, AWPT courses help you gain the knowledge you need to be a leader in your field and provide valuable insight on ISO international standards, quality systems, technical tools, and soft skills. 

Our training programs are designed to help professionals acquire and maintain the skills crucial to their industry and to help organizations achieve and maintain accreditation. Courses have been developed to:

  • Provide tools and strategies for establishing efficient, strategic, and functional management systems to support organizational objectives.
  • Equip laboratories with mechanisms to monitor and continuously improve the effectiveness of their management systems, such as internal auditing and improved quality management.
  • Enhance skills in measurement and measurement analysis principles that ensure consistent results.


Consulting Services

A2LA WorkPlace Training utilizes our breadth of knowledge and instructional experience to provide insightful, individualized consultancy to all types of organizations in a variety of industries. Our quality management and technical consultants provide the knowledge and resources necessary to develop, implement and maintain quality systems. We evaluate processes to identify potential nonconformities, areas for improvement or increased risk. To accommodate the needs of both large and small organizations, our services are divided into fully customizable face-to-face consultation services and QMS Express options, which provide standardized and cost-effective consultation packages that are quick and easy to implement. 

AWPT consulting services provide the foundation that organizations need to understand and execute:

  • Conformity assessment, ISO standards, and accreditation requirements
  • Measurement conformance
  • Risk and process management
  • Quality Management System (QMS) design, implementation and oversight; including internal auditing, management review, etc. (contract Quality Manager on-demand)
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) implementation