QMS Express: ISO/IEC 17025 Consulting

 Remote, affordable ISO/IEC 17025 consulting options for small- and medium-sized labs. 

Implementing an ISO/IEC 17025-compliant quality management system is easier than ever with the help of AWPT’s purpose-built tools and expert ISO accreditation consultants. Our unique QMS Express packages combine training on ISO/IEC 17025, proprietary templates for quality management system documents, and a fixed number of hours with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation consultants. QMS Express is ideal for smaller laboratories or those with straightforward needs, providing convenient and cost-effective quality management system consulting that will set your laboratory up for success.

All QMS Express documents, forms, and learning modules are delivered digitally, and services are carried out by phone, email, or video call, eliminating costly and time-consuming travel needs. Don’t see what you need in our packages? Learn more about custom solutions.

Who Can Use QMS Express?

Any organization seeking accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 can utilize our QMS Express packages. Are you looking for laboratory startup consultants? Are you setting up a cannabis testing lab? Do you need an ISO/IEC 17025 quality manual? QMS Express may be the ideal solution for your laboratory. Not every lab will benefit from traditional lab consulting, which can represent a cost barrier for small labs and startups, so AWPT developed QMS Express to be more accessible to these clients.

With the boom in the cannabis industry across the USA, we have seen an increase in labs seeking ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and cannabis lab consulting services. If you need support as you begin your cannabis testing lab setup, QMS Express may be an ideal fit.

Consulting Package I

This basic quality management consulting package includes our ISO/IEC 17025 quality manual and twenty-three support procedures and forms for quality system documentation. These tools were designed by our ISO accreditation consultants to help you achieve conformance to ISO/IEC 17025. You will also have access for one user to one of our ISO/IEC 17025 self-directed e-learning courses and up to one hour of quality systems consultancy time by phone.

Consulting Package II

Similar to Package I, this package includes our full quality system documentation toolkit of the ISO/IEC 17025 quality manual, support procedures, and forms, but comes with a more robust package of four e-learning courses and up to two hours with a laboratory consultant. It also includes a validated measurement uncertainty calculator tool to streamline the creation of measurement uncertainty budgets.

Consulting Package III

This is our most inclusive out-of-the-box remote package. In addition to all the features of Package II, it includes a 16-hour review and report on your QMS to provide more detailed insight on your procedures and operations. Additionally, it includes five user seats for all four of our ISO/IEC 17025 e-learning training courses.

QMS Express remote quality management consulting packages provide labs with resources and support on how to develop a quality management system for ISO/IEC 17025. For technical consulting and other kinds of ISO accreditation consulting please refer to AWPT's custom consulting solutions.

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17025 QMS QuickStart

AWPT has partnered with Qualtrax, a leading provider of custom quality management system (QMS) software, to create 17025 QMS QuickStart: a specialized software solution with preloaded content that helps small labs achieve ISO/IEC 17025 conformance. The 17025 QMS QuickStart package contains everything labs require to customize, implement, and manage their QMS, including: 

  • Pre-built folder structures
  • ISO/IEC 17025 quality manual starter shell with procedures and forms
  • Seven (7) automated workflows
  • Essential pre-configured reports 

For more information and software specifications, reach out to Qualtrax directly at www.qualtrax.com

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