Implementation of QA/QC Program & Risk Management Strategies(EMU 250W)

In this 1-day course, participants will learn how to implement a robust control charting QA/QC program using risk-based thinking methods. This course presents different strategies for designing a control chart-based, QA/QC program to maintain method stability and cases for the selection of specific types of control charts to reduce the risk of not detecting an old conformance in a test or measurement process. The course also includes methods to develop an Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP) to reduce risk of reporting bad data. In addition, the participant will learn to apply statistical methods for evaluating analytical measurement system performance in terms of precision and bias and explain tactics for periodic review of control chart parameters.


Basic Statistics for Laboratory Professionals (EMU 100) or equivalent knowledge.

Target Attendees

Target learners include Laboratory Managers, Engineers, Scientists, or Technicians.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Defining QA Program parameters considering acceptable risk;
  2. Selecting control chart and companion chart (I/MR, Xbar/R, Xbar/S, EWMA, CUSUM);
  3. Collect and assess data;
  4. Construct and interpret initial control charts;
  5. Apply control chart to monitoring testing process; and
  6. Develop out-of-control action plan.

LEUs Awarded

0.7 LEUs Awarded*

(8 hours)



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