Quality Management System Consulting

A2LA WorkPlace Training employs the industry’s leading ISO accreditation consultants to help you achieve your quality goals. With firsthand experience in both laboratory settings and the accreditation industry, AWPT’s lab consulting services are unmatched. Whether you need help with gap analysis, support implementing an ISO/IEC 17025 quality manual, or expert advice setting up a cannabis testing lab, AWPT consultants are your go-to resource. AWPT serves labs of all sizes, and we can provide experienced laboratory startup consultants for a variety of industries.

Why is Expert Quality Management Consulting Important?

While training addresses core competency, it does not focus on the corporate culture—nor does it consider the unique implementation process. Once your team completes their training, it is important to make sure all staff follow new procedures and understand how to avoid nonconformities. A laboratory consultant evaluates technical and management system competency, leading your team in crucial processes like gap analysis, quality system buildout, quality system audits, and corrective action.

Quality management system consulting creates a strong organizational foundation that drives consistent results and instills customer confidence. We address conformity from bench level to management oversight. When you combine AWPT’s training options with our lab consulting services, you are better prepared to achieve accreditation, maintain conformance, and improve customer confidence. It’s the smartest decision you can make for your organization.

Why Choose an AWPT Laboratory Consultant?

You have choices when it comes to quality management consulting firms, and AWPT employs consultants with firsthand experience in the USA’s leading accreditation organizations. Our ISO accreditation consultants know how the process works and what it takes to succeed. We are committed to your long-term success, not just checking boxes on your behalf. Combining AWPT training courses with lab consulting creates a culture of quality and competency within your organization that supports growth and long-term success.

Get a Quick Start or Explore Custom Lab Consulting Solutions

AWPT offers infinitely customizable quality management system consulting solutions for organizations of all sizes, and for smaller organizations with well-defined needs, our QMS Express packages are a cost-effective ISO/IEC 17025 consulting option that is easy to implement. QMS Express packages are executed remotely with support from our ISO/IEC 17025 consultants, using digital documents, e-learning, and phone consulting. Learn more about quality management consulting solutions and the custom consulting services we offer here:


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Meet Some of Our Consultants

Dr. Susan Audino has been consulting for over 30 years and has developed an approach that respectfully and collaboratively supports customer needs.  Throughout the past 10 years, S. Audino and Associates, LLC has provided technical and quality management support to a broad range of life science laboratories and regulatory/government agencies. Successes include restoration of suspended ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, planning build-outs of new laboratories, staff hiring and training, redirecting challenging employee cultures, and offering analytical chemistry and statistics training/development for laboratory success.

Jane Weitzel is an experienced consultant with expertise in ISO/IEC 17025 systems, method validation, and the evaluation and use of measurement uncertainty. She works in many industries, including pharmaceutical, food, mining, and environmental. Jane brings a practical, efficient approach to her consulting that ensures companies meet their goals.

Tom Doggart has been associated with accredited testing and quality system management since 1991 and has performed approximately 25 third-party assessments per year since 2005. His technical expertise is in the metallurgical, mechanical, materials, fabric, chemical and product testing fields. He provides ISO/IEC 17025 quality system consulting services in those areas and beyond.

Pamela Dulaney is a practical microbiologist with extensive experience, spanning from bench scientist to policy-maker. She has developed and led industry-defining external quality assurance programs.

Craig Glunt is an A2LA Assessor and consultant, servicing calibration and testing laboratories with 10 years of consulting experience and over 20 years in metrology. His experience includes uncertainty budget development, technical instruction, internal auditing, proficiency test planning, process/procedure development and complete management system customization.

These experts and many more lend their expertise to AWPT’s consulting team!