Virtual ISO/IEC 17025 Class Provides New Opportunities for Cannabis Labs

For the last several years, A2LA WorkPlace Training (A2LA WPT) has offered a specialized course to help cannabis testing laboratories understand and apply the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, the international standard for testing and calibration labs. The course, entitled “MS 113 – ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for Cannabis Testing Laboratories” has been consistently in demand since its launch and has been hosted by A2LA WPT instructors in many U.S. cities. The cannabis industry boom of the last several years – especially within the U.S. – has made this type of course invaluable for professionals seeking to establish an ISO/IEC17025-conformant cannabis testing laboratory for the first time. 

In response to the travel and public gathering restrictions put in place due to COVID-19, A2LA WPT has made many of our most popular courses available online through our Virtual Classroom platform. All of our Virtual Classroom sessions have been well-received, but for MS 113 in particular, some unique advantages associated with the online format have become clear. The cannabis testing industry is relatively new, and many cannabis testing laboratories are startups, widely distributed across the many states where medical or recreational cannabis is now legal. For these small labs, especially those in less populous areas, the travel expenses associated with attending in-person training can be prohibitive, and staff often are not able to leave their facilities for several days at a time. 

Virtual Classroom splits training sessions into two sections throughout each day, allowing staff to perform vital job functions between sessions, and conveniently eliminating travel and lodging costs. This tool enables A2LA WPT to reach more learners and accommodate the needs of more labs. Based on the positive feedback we have received from learners, A2LA WPT will continue offering MS 113 through Virtual Classroom even after restrictions are lifted. “Having [the course] online was a huge help. The breakout sessions were very helpful...especially being new to this, I thought it was great.” Commented one attendee. “The detail into ISO/IEC 17025 that Sue [the instructor] went into was very useful, along with all of the real-life examples and experiences she has had.” 

We are excited for the opportunity to serve our learners in new ways, and to continue providing the highest quality ISO, management system process, and metrology training across all delivery methods. For more details about MS 113 ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for Cannabis Testing Laboratories, visit our course detail page. To see upcoming Virtual Classroom courses, visit our training calendar