CA Water Board Selects A2LA WorkPlace Training as Partner for Implementation of the TNI Standard

May 12, 2020, Frederick, MD – The California Water Resources Control Board has selected A2LA WorkPlace Training (A2LA WPT) as its lead training partner to prepare the state's water testing laboratories to meet newly required standards. A2LA WPT will provide California environmental laboratories with detailed training on The NELAC Institute Standard (TNI:2016), as well as how to implement a QMS.

This training and preparation will be vital following a May 5, 2020 announcement that the California State Water Resources Control Board will now require the TNI:2016 for managing all factors that potentially can affect the quality of lab results. Once California’s new environmental regulations are implemented, laboratories will need to demonstrate that they meet the minimum requirements in TNI:2016, enhancing the Board’s oversight of laboratory activities, ensuring confidence in the results they produce.

“Congratulations to the California State Water Resources Control Board and ELAP for achieving unanimous support for the implementation of the TNI:2016 Standard in all commercial and municipal water testing laboratories. Recognizing the importance of accurate and consistent laboratory analysis and reporting for drinking water and environmental protection is essential for maintaining customer confidence.” said A2LA WPT Vice President, Timothy Osborne. “A2LA WorkPlace Training is honored to be chosen to lead the training of these laboratories on TNI:2016 to achieve the Water Board’s goal of excellence in measurement quality.”

More information about California’s new ELAP regulations can be found in a press release on their website. For more information about specialized TNI Standard training for California environmental labs, contact A2LA WPT through the contact form on