A2LA WorkPlace Training Launches Turnkey Consulting Solution

June 3, 2020, Frederick, MD - In March 2020, A2LA WorkPlace Training began developing a series of tiered, prebuilt consulting service packages called QMS Express. Through QMS Express, small- and medium-sized laboratories can purchase a collection of affordable tools to help build and implement an ISO/IEC 17025 conformant quality management system. Three different packages are now available, all of which include a proprietary ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system template, e-learning modules that focus on key ISO/IEC 17025 concepts, and various levels of phone and quality system review consultation with the industry’s best-trained experts. The diversity of the tools and resources included with these packages helps support a well-rounded understanding of ISO/IEC 17025 and how to put the principles of the standard into practice. Conveniently, QMS Express packages are also designed to be utilized 100% remotely, contributing to cost reduction and making them an effective option even while limitations on travel and face-to-face interaction remain in place. 

This new consulting delivery method relies on a three-tier system, with Package I containing a basic suite of tools and services and Packages II and III expanding on those offerings. Each of the available QMS Express packages cover different levels of complexity, with the more complex packages offering progressively more e-learning course options, more phone consulting hours, and additional tools to support compliance. The varying levels and corresponding price points make them versatile enough to serve many different organizations. 

While custom consulting solutions are ideal for large organizations or those with specialized requirements, A2LA WorkPlace Training recognized the need for consulting options that empower organizations to build their own ISO/IEC 17025:2017 conformant system with easy-to-use tools and clear information. QMS Express is uniquely accessible for organizations who need professional support to help them achieve conformance, but for whom larger-scale custom consulting isn’t a sensible investment.  

"This product provides a solution for laboratories who need more than an off-the-shelf quality management system,” said Tim Osborne, Vice President of A2LA WorkPlace Training. “Incorporating e-learning modules with individualized consulting hours provides a turnkey solution for laboratories to customize the quality management system themselves with the coaching of our resident experts." 

For more information about QMS Express and A2LA Workplace Training’s other consulting options, visit A2LAWPT.org/consulting.