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The Data Integrity training was what we were looking for. Training planning was outstanding. The AWPT team scheduled a meeting with us to discuss our needs, and we received what we asked for. Dr. Couter was fantastic. Took his time to explain each presented slide and provided examples. Everything was very well organized.
— Maja Dickson, Quantigen

The instructor was very good at explaining the course work especially considering it was virtual. And although I like traveling, I really liked the convenience of the virtual course. I felt the instructor was a great authority on the material covered, and she encouraged input by calling on us by name and giving positive reinforcement. I feel confident that I can apply the knowledge and skills I learned to my job.

— Brenna L.H.

I highly recommend A2LA WorkPlace Training. Our team gained more transparency into compliance while benefiting from the hybrid approach. Three of our staff members were unable to travel, but they still were able to participate as if they were on site. The documentation of the standard was presented without bias, and we were given the opportunity to really engage with the material.

— Madison Crawford, Cycat LLC

Our staff had various levels of understanding of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 measurement uncertainty and A2LA WorkPlace Training did a great job of walking us through it. The training was clear and concise and helped solve specific problems in the measurement industry that are not covered by simply reading the standard. We really dove into the details of the issues and got company-specific solutions. Everyone we interacted with has been very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable.

— Griffin Ralston, Ralston Instruments

The process was straightforward, simple, and to the point. Everyone on the KAUST team feels lucky that they worked with some exceptional professionals from WorkPlace Training. The team’s technical knowledge, advice, and overall attitude were integral to the success of our organization. A testament to this success was the laboratory’s accreditation with zero deficiencies. Look no further, trust the WorkPlace Training consultants, and you will certainly feel you made the right choice.

— Yannis Georgakakis, KAUST

We recently had a need arise in our lab for an off-cycle limited scope audit.  It's the first time since I've been involved in our quality program that we've done an audit other than our annual audits that are soup to nuts, and essentially the same every time. The AUD 102 class I took with you in April proved invaluable! Prior to that class I would not have had a clue about what I was doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are still working through the action items that came from the audit, but the information I gained from your class was pivotal in doing a thorough audit that helped us determine our strengths and areas to improve. (We're also beefing up our annual audit, coming up next month, based on what I learned from the class.)

— Virtual Classroom AUD 102 attendee

Thank you for offering these Consulting Package Services. This service has been great for our staff, the company and me. The on-line programs A2LA has offered have been very useful. Plugging into all these resources has made our application and submittal process a lot easier and clearer. Preparing for 17025 is helping us create a three-dimensional company rather than one with just height and width. Our systems now feed in to and out from each other and tie back into other parts. It is a self-sustaining system that serves everyone better.

— Brian Petty,  Nelson Testing Laboratories

I took an assessor training course through Virtual Classroom and it was, hands down the most comprehensive assessor training I've attended.  It really cements for me why A2LA has cornered the reputation for quality. Thanks all who helped put it together so well!

— Virtual Classroom course attendee

My Virtual Classroom course was one of the best classes I've attended. Its clear that A2LA Workplace Training is very passionate about what they do and strive to be the best. I really appreciate the detail and organization put into this training course."

— Keith Stephen

I have received group training provided by A2LA for both Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty and ISO/IEC 17025  and Laboratory Accreditation off site and although this was excellent training and helped me greatly in moving forward with implementing ISO/IEC 17025 my take away from the recent on-site training I received was exponentially greater.

The ability to customize and target specific areas of training and the ability to utilize real data in the curricula along with the more personalized approach to the training really paid off in getting much more out of a training session. The instructor was an expert in his field who applied his own personal touch to the training and coupled with the ability to interact directly across a table with an expert and not compete with a room full of people from different laboratories across a wide spectrum of backgrounds made this training that much more beneficial to me.

I can with great confidence state that any of my future training needs will be done on-site so that I can get the maximum out of whatever subject or curricula we are trying to learn.

— Steve Doldo, Wrentham Tool Group

The instructor was very knowledgeable and courteous, willing to explain on the subject, making comprehension easier.

— Jeffery Ward, Rockwell Collins

WorkPlace Training has for many years supplied Navy and Marine metrology labs with calibration training. It was on an as-needed basis with local labs purchasing site licenses for selected titles. As more labs used the training, officials from the Marines and the major Navy Commands begin to recognize how WPT courseware would meet the need for supplementary post schoolhouse training. WPT departed from the traditional Navy method of teaching strict procedure or as they say themselves, “knobology”. It taught the underlying technology.

Eventually, funding was secured for a Marine Corp/Navy Enterprise License. Navy and Marine Corps calibration technicians can now log on from anywhere in the world. Even from ships. They have access to all WPT courseware. As of November 2017, the contract was extended for another 5 years.

, U.S. Navy/Marines

Interactive delivery effectively engaged learners. The A2LA instructors were excellent! Both instructors were terrific. Very well designed and well delivered.

— Barbara Zehnbauer, CDC

The instructor portrayed a true and sound expectation of the 17025 world. At breaks, we all commented on how we liked the way he interpreted the standard in a “friendly” way, and his training technique certainly addressed adult learning. I feel that the instructor actually “feels” and knows this material.

— Marcella McSorley, Phoenix, AZ

I really loved this course! It is my 5th A2LA class, and it was my favorite. I feel like I really learned a lot of useful information and I am so excited to go back and use techniques in my lab.

— Stephanie Lampe

Walter Nowocin, Corporate Metrology for Medtronic had for years set as a goal to standardize software, procedures, instruments, and training at its worldwide labs.

Medtronic labs perform thousands of calibrations each year in virtually all measurement parameters. Medtronic places a high emphasis on employee training and targets 40 hours of annual employee training. Training goals are set and tied to each employees performance reviews. Medtronic contracts with WPT to supply on-line metrology training to help meet training goals.

They chose the yearly online subscription option and are in their fifth year. From any of their worldwide labs, Medtronic calibration technicians can log on and receive training on any of 25 topics. Medtronic also provides input, content, and direction as to ongoing calibration training topics.

, Medtronic

The Manufacturing Leadership Council recognized Lockheed Martin with four awards in three manufacturing categories. Next Generation Advanced Metrology and Measurement Systems development encompasses two different technologies related to advanced metrology and measurement systems and was recognized in the Innovative Process Leadership category.

WorkPlace Training had over the years supplied LM metrology labs with calibration training. It was on an as-needed basis with local labs purchasing site licenses for selected titles. LM Metrology Labs are organized into a Corporate Metrology Panel. They meet several times a year to compare notes, exchange technical procedures and share ideas on operating their labs with more consistency. Training was often a topic of discussion. Several of the lab managers began to discuss their success with WorkPlace Training computer based training. Eventually, the panel asked WorkPlace to come to their meeting and introduce the training to the entire group, resulting in the following justification to be written into a formal requisition presented to Corporate LM Learning.

As presented by the Corporate Metrology Panel (CMP) has a plan to address the declining pool of workers trained in the Metrology discipline. We will populate some of the LM Metrology Workforce from disciplines with complementary skill sets and educate and train in Metrology specific studies, processes and practices. While we are investigating how other companies expect to cope with this shortage, of immediate interest is the purchase of web-based training modules from Workplace Training, Inc (see attached). If each business area purchased a couple of titles we could buy the suite, place them on The Knowledge Network for use across LM, and include them in our employee’s role-based training plans. These structured learning courses will supplement on the job training and document employee training completion.

, Lockheed Martin

3M was awarded the US government’s highest award for innovation, the National Medal of Technology. 3M has consistently been highly ranked, often in the top 20, in Fortune magazine’s annual survey of “America’s Most Admired Corporations.” -Harvard Business Review

Abrasives, films, imaging, metal matrix ceramics, nonwovens, nanotechnology, and RFID are a few of the core technologies that 3M molds into products. 3M is a unique company and its metrology labs operate like no other. Most companies follow standards related to a particular industry. 3M operates business units that transcend many industries and its metrology operations must be compliant with multiple standards. 3M Corporate Metrology Lab juggles aerospace, FDA, automotive and other ISO and industry standards and makes sure that all 3M labs are compliant with their specific industry standard. To lab manager who has his hands full this might be an understatement.

3M chose WPT calibration training modules because they can be used in any of the business units. They started their acquisition of a cal training library with one lesson, Intro to Measurement and Calibration. They built their library over several years, adding a title about every quarter. For some titles a site license for the Corporate Lab is sufficient. 3M Learning Operations uses MyTrain course delivery, record keeping, testing and Certificate app. 3M Corporate Metrology group sometimes provides input and subject matter expertise for courses in development, ensuring that resulting courseware addresses their needs.

, 3M