AUD 300 - How to Manage an Effective Cal Lab Operation

  1. Introduction to Cal Lab Management
    1. Learn what are the fundamental elements of managing a cal lab operation.
    2. Gain some of the management science knowledge essential to being an affective manager.
  2. Effective Business Communication
    1. Know how to use techniques that enable effective communication in business writing and making presentations.
    2. Know how to write effective work instructions and procedures.
  3. Effective Customer Service
    1. Know two ways to get actionable input from customers.
    2. Know how to analyze customer input data to determine operation problems.
    3. Know how to develop a corrective action plan based on collected data.
  4. Managing an Effective Cal Lab
    1. Know how to measure lab effectivity in meeting customer expectations while meeting the goals of the company.
  5. Measuring Lab Efficiency and Effectiveness
    1. Know the parameters that must be measured in order to know that customer expectations are being met in the most optimal and effective way and how to measure them.
  6. Measuring Lab Productivity
    1. Know how to measure lab team productivity and by individual.
  7. How to Improve Productivity
    1. Learn the elements that impede work flow in the lab.
  8. Making Knowledge Based Financial Decisions
    1. Know how to calculate the actual lab cost per hour and how to calculate what it costs the lab to calibrate any.
    2. Know how to determine payback period for proposed new capital assets using a provided tool – a “Payback Calculator” spreadsheet.
  9.  Making Knowledge Based Asset Purchase Decisions
    1. Know how to evaluate an instrument specification to insure it meets the requirements of the relative workload to be supported.
  10. Making Knowledge Base Instrumentation Comparisons
    1.  Know how to compare instruments from multiple manufacturers by calculating uncertainties in like terms.

Trainer Bio

Jesse Morse is known and recognized internationally in the field of measurement science. He is a recipient of Measurement Science Conference’s prestigious “Woodington Award” for life time achievement in measurement science, and excellence in calibration laboratory management. In 2018 he was honored by NCSL International as the annual “Education and Training Award” recipient.


Jesse has been involved with measurement science (metrology) for more than 50 years, most of which he was an organizational senior manager at Fluke Corporation’s original network of fourteen North American calibration laboratories. Jesse’s background includes experience in measurement science, marketing, customer service, engineering, and quality management. He has degrees in electrical engineering, marketing, and in business management and has:

· Authored articles for NCSL International, Quality Magazine, Cal Lab Magazine, and other magazines.

· Conceived two metrology related magazines for the industry while VP of Marketing at NCSL International.

· Developed and taught electrical metrology and calibration laboratory management courses and seminars across North America.

· Taught Marketing, Economics, and Business Management courses on a college level at Seattle’s City University.

· And, is a certified Zinger Miller Leadership Course instructor.


Jesse is co-author of Fluke’s “Calibration: Philosophy in Practice” textbook and co-authored NCSLI’s “Z540-1 Handbook.” He provided input to the original ISO/IEC 17025 standard through a special working group within NCSLI while chairman of the NCSLI/ANSI accredited standards writing committee. He is past VP of Marketing on the board of directors at NCSL International where he created the measurement science journal “MEASURE”, the NCSLI Worldwide Metrology News magazine “me•trol’o•gist'” and other organization related publications.


As a recent attendee of one of Jesse’s seminars presented at the 2015 Measurement Science Conference put it, “…thank you for your expert instruction … and for the amazing, engaging way in which you taught. Not many individuals can take and make metrology such an interesting, easily understood topic.”


Jesse brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to focus in this course presented by Morse Metrology.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to proficiently present knowledge-based and effective management reports.
  2. Be able to track performance of cal lab using collected data regarding; customer service, productivity, and efficiency.
  3. Be able to calculate costs of operations and per calibration by category.
  4. Be able to compare instrumentation specifications for making financial decisions.

CEUs Awarded




April 6, 2020 – April 8, 2020
5202 Presidents Ct.
Frederick, MD 21703
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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