Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Training


Course Price $349

Target Learner

Laboratory Managers, Engineers, Scientists, or Technicians

Course Description

This self-directed online course examines the basic concepts and principles of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), as defined by different manufacturers as well as the standard documents accepted by industry. Participants will gain an understanding of three-dimensional measurements in an X-Y-Z space and the relationship between various features such as lines, planes, distances, and profiles, which is required to work with CMMs. This CMM online training is self-directed and learners move through it at their own pace.

Key Topics

  • Basic CMM Measurements
  • Sampling Issues
  • Probing Systems
  • Basic CMM Accuracy and Specifications

Hours Required to Complete

10 Hours

LEUs Awarded

1 LEUs Awarded




This e-learning course requires internet access to complete.