Customized ISO Standards Training


With A2LA WorkPlace Training, customized private laboratory compliance training is affordable and accessible to organizations of all sizes. We are now conducting our custom ISO courses remotely, which ensures safety for learners and instructors, as well as making it possible to deliver training on any schedule to any location in the world.

We strive to make our laboratory training accessible to all learners. If our ordinary course schedule doesn’t work for your organization, we can design custom compliance and auditor training that specifically addresses your unique needs and fits within your budget. Our contract services make our comprehensive coursework even more versatile.

We Work with Your Schedule

It can be a challenge to schedule team training when you run a busy operation. With AWPT’s customized training options, you won’t be limited to a set course schedule. We work with you to choose an appropriate timeline to fit your organization’s needs.

We Deliver for You

With traditional scheduled training, sending a large number of your staff may be prohibitively expensive, forcing you to make limiting decisions about who can attend training and when. When you contract us to develop a course for you, we’ll deliver the training directly to any number of learners on your team. This ensures that none of your staff miss out on our valuable instruction.

We Custom Create Your Course

Different industries will have different training needs. At A2LA WPT, we can adapt our coursework to specifically address your organization’s unique challenges. Whether you need ISO/IEC 17025 training, metrology courses, or soft skills instruction, we can help. Our experienced instructional design experts and industry-trained instructors will ensure you and your staff get everything you need out of your custom course.

Our contract training option accommodates any number of learners and provides coursework at any level of complexity, from brief refresher overviews to in-depth multi-day curricula.

If your organization seeks customized training courses or dates and times not available on the ordinary course schedule, A2LA WPT can create a solution to fit your needs. We are eager to help you make the most of your laboratory staff training. Click below to ask questions or request a customized quote.


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