Contract Training: A More Individualized Approach

Instructional theory and technique are constantly evolving to try to better meet the unique needs of individual learners. Part of the challenge is that no matter how carefully optimized courses are, they can never predict the needs, learning style, and prior experiences of each and every person. Traditional public courses and highly individualized one-on-one training each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but one effective way that AWPT bridges the gap between classroom-style teaching and individualized needs is with contract training. Contract training is conducted by an AWPT instructor at a time and place chosen by the customer, or – as is currently the case – remotely via private Virtual Classroom sessions. Contract training is attractive to many organizations because they can set their own schedule for the courses, rather than attending public classes at fixed dates and times, but the benefits go beyond convenience. With contract training, customers can build customized course content using examples from their industry, focusing on the areas of the standard most relevant to them, and taking into account the needs and preferences of the staff who will be taking part in the training courses. 

AWPT serves a huge array of different industries, and the very same standards often require different considerations for different industries. Although we have designed industry-specific classes wherever possible (like Understanding ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and AOAC Food Program Guidelines) some specialized organizations may not fit exactly into the focus of an existing course. In those cases, contract training is a way for customers to gain the benefits of a customized course without trying to design one themselves from scratch. The level of customization is up to the customer and can be as simple as changing the group exercises or as complex as hybridizing the content of two or three separate courses. 

Some organizations also have unique considerations besides subject matter. Many AWPT customers work in government facilities or other settings where the work they do involves sensitive or proprietary information. This can make attending certain public courses limiting for them, as they may be unable to give adequate context for their questions or share examples from their own work. Contract training is private, limited only to the personnel the customer chooses, and AWPT instructors will adhere to customer requirements about confidentiality. AT the customer’s discretion it can even be limited to only certain teams or departments within an organization. 

There is also the simple fact that different people learn differently. While contract training usually can’t be fully individualized down to the learning styles of specific people, it can more effectively account for the expectations and preferences of a specific team, a specific organizational culture, or a unique industry. At the customer’s request, AWPT staff will make changes to the course material as needed and will work with the customer to best understand the objectives of the learners. Learners are often more comfortable in a classroom with people they already work with on a daily basis and have more freedom to express their needs to the instructor without the pressure to avoid disrupting strangers. 

Even for customers who don’t need course material customization, contract training may, in fact, be cheaper than public training. Because remote learning has eliminated travel for the time being, a contract course with minimal customization may be less expensive overall than enrolling multiple employees in a scheduled public course. For more information and an exact price quote, don’t hesitate to contact us