AWPT Celebrates First Anniversary

Happy first anniversary to A2LA Workplace Training! Although AWPT has a very long history, June marks our one-year anniversary as an independent non-profit organization after separating from our partner company, American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Our first year has been an eventful one, to say the least, and our team is excited to have such a landmark to celebrate in these tumultuous times. We have made incredible strides in twelve short months: launching several new product lines, pivoting many of our services to a digital delivery method, and developing both our skills and our relationships through hard work and collaboration. 

A2LA WorkPlace Training began as the training services department of A2LA, a laboratory accreditation organization. When A2LA acquired the e-learning organization WorkPlace Training, it became clear that the training services department would be able to offer more options and better serve its customers as a separate organization. Thus, A2LA WorkPlace Training was officially launched in 2019, building on the best aspects of the companies that helped to create it. 

All new organizations must overcome challenges, but AWPT has found itself in a truly unique situation as it navigates the changing landscape created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff has come together to create and implement a variety new offerings, including Virtual Classroom, a system of live remote classes, and QMS Express, a suite of remote consulting options with various levels of e-Learning, that have allowed us to continue providing the highest quality services in spite of unexpected limitations. AWPT’s first year would not have been possible without the exceptional dedication of our team members, who have consistently adapted and overcome the obstacles they were faced with. Enduring times such as these is worth celebrating, and although we’re not able to throw the sort of party we would have liked for now, the AWPT team deserves the highest praise for our accomplishments to this point. 

Also crucial to AWPT’s success, of course, are AWPT’s customers. New and returning customers alike have continued to trust our knowledge, understanding, and proven training techniques, even in cases where they were unfamiliar with remote training as a delivery option. Striving to exceed customer expectations is foundational to what we do, and we are humbled and encouraged by our customers’ enduring confidence in our staff and their expertise. We are committed to remaining worthy of that trust, regardless of how unpredictable the circumstances might be. A2LA WorkPlace Training would like to thank you for an excellent anniversary!