A2LA WorkPlace Training Announces New Logo

September 3, 2020, Frederick, MD - After months of careful deliberation and design work, A2LA WorkPlace Training is pleased to unveil a new logo and branded color scheme to better reflect our unique company identity. The new design will have two official forms: one with the company name in its entirety and one that features a shortened acronym, AWPT, that we will be gradually phasing into use. The marketing department is incorporating the new branding changes to our website, forms, contracts, user portals, course materials and more, so customers will soon notice a fresh new look to many aspects of AWPT’s public presence. 

Although there is a new, official acronym in addition to the new logo, the website and related resources will remain at the same URL (a2lawpt.org) for now, to avoid any confusion or accessibility issues for our customers. The new acronym will, however, be used in official communication, on the text body of our website, on social media, and on other platforms. 

The new logo was designed by Marketing Specialist Gina McInturff, who handles in-house graphic design needs. “Last year, when A2LA WorkPlace Training became its own company, it was clear that fully establishing the brand identity would be an ongoing process.” She remarked. “It was great to have the time and opportunity to really utilize the creative process for the rebrand. I think the new AWPT logos really came together well. The collaboration efforts by the marketing team and the AWPT Board of Directors was invaluable to the end result. I’m looking forward to fully implementing AWPT’s new identity.” 

We are contacting any known customers, partners and associates who use our logo and providing them with the new version, but we also invite any customers or organizations to contact us if they currently display the old logo and need a replacement, or would like to display the new one. We have a variety of high-resolution versions that we can provide as needed.