Training Course For ISO/IEC 17020

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the standard with AWPT’s ISO/IEC 17020 training courses.
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A2LA WPT offers the highest quality ISO/IEC 17020 training courses for inspection bodies, applicable to forensic inspection, building special inspections, FedRAMP, and cybersecurity. Regardless of what role you play in your organization, A2LA WorkPlace Training courses provide the tools to understand, implement, and maintain the ISO compliant quality systems you rely on.

iso 17020 training courses

What You’ll Learn

Experienced instructors with relevant insight will teach accreditation and auditing concepts applicable to ISO/IEC 17020, including both management and technical aspects. In MS 120 “ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and Inspection Body Accreditation” participants will learn the standard clause by clause and gain an understanding of how accreditation concepts apply to inspection bodies, how compliance with ISO standards can improve methods and processes, and how to achieve compliance.  

In A2LA WPT’s auditing courses, you’ll gain the ability to identify risk and potential nonconformities, as well as understand how to apply solutions to these problems. With this knowledge, you’ll make better quality management decisions that promote your organization’s effectiveness and success. A2LA WPT courses give you the practical knowledge to prepare your organization for accreditation. We provide the foundation you need to achieve and demonstrate compliance, as well as secure a leg up on your competition.

Course Selection

Find the right ISO training course for you or your organization. Choose from options that include general overviews of the standard, ISO/IEC 17020 auditor training, and more. All courses include helpful ISO/IEC 17020 training material. If you have any questions about our courses, let us know, or request a custom on-site course just for you with our contract training.

This course provides a comprehensive look at ISO/IEC 17020 and its requirements for inspection bodies. Participants will gain critical insight into the application of the requirements of this international standard and will also be introduced to the international MRA requirements which affect accredited inspection bodies. A comprehensive ISO 17020 training course.
Gain an understanding of risk-based thinking from an international standards perspective. The participant will learn risk concepts from ISO 31000 and ISO 9000 and become familiar with industry tools used to assess and manage risk in the ISO conformity assessment arena.
Gain the tools to react more successfully to non-conforming events in your organization. Participants will identify and analyze non-conforming scenarios using a variety of techniques and will practice using various cause analysis and corrective action selection processes to support process improvement.