ISO Standards Training Courses

Our ISO training courses focus specifically on laboratory applications. In these classes, which cover both introductory and advanced concepts, you’ll learn about existing standards and how they apply to your facility. We provide the foundation you need to secure a leg up on your competition. We offer extensive ISO/IEC 17025 training as well as training on other CASCO and laboratory standards.

What You’ll Learn

Instructors will teach the most up-to-date requirements for each standard, including management and technical aspects. An in-depth approach allows students to think critically about the practical applications and how to analyze and improve their own laboratories. You’ll learn about documentation requirements and guidelines relating to the specific standard. We offer an extensive series of courses on ISO/IEC 17025, but we also offer training on ISO/IEC 17020 for inspection bodies, ISO/IEC 17043 for proficiency testing providers, ISO/IEC 17065 for product certification bodies, ISO 15189 for clinical testing laboratories, and ISO 17034 for reference materials producers. A recent addition to our offerings is the ISO 20387 course for biobanking facilities, based on the recently developed standard.

Our experienced course developers incorporate comprehensive coverage of each individual topic, which helps learners build on existing knowledge and strengthen their expertise. Those who complete appropriate coursework will be well prepared to achieve ISO  accreditation and uphold a positive reputation in their industry.

We designed classes to serve all employment levels, from lab techs to managers. Our approach includes classic lecture style, interactive components, and guided exercises. A well-balanced format helps all types of learners benefit from the coursework.

No matter which course you select, you’ll gain the ability to identify risk and potential nonconformities in your laboratory and understand how to apply solutions to these problems. With this knowledge, you’ll make better quality management decisions that promote your lab’s effectiveness and success.

Our Course Selection

Check out our ISO training course selection to find the right topics for you or your organization. We offer Spanish options for some courses. If you have any questions about our courses, let us know. We may even be able to develop a custom on-site course just for you with our contract training.