Hybrid Learning Courses

Attend any of A2LA WPT’s high quality courses in the format that works for you.

Hybrid classes allow learners to choose whether they would like to attend a class in person or tune in remotely for the same learning experience from the comfort of their home or office.

How Does It Work?

Hybrid courses are scheduled and conducted just like an ordinary face-to-face classroom course, there are only two differences: the whole course is streamed live via webcam and all collaborative activities are done through an easy, intuitive online portal. This allows in-person and remote attendees to work together seamlessly. With hybrid learning, A2LA WorkPlace Training is able to offer even more scheduling options for our learners, regardless of which delivery method they prefer.


Why Hybrid Learning?

While travel restrictions are still a reality for many and in-person gatherings must remain limited, the hybrid learning approach allows those who prefer the classroom experience to attend safely, while those who are not able to travel still have the widest selection of course offerings. Because hybrid courses follow the schedule of a traditional classroom course (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time) remote attendees may find the schedule fits their preferences better than the schedule for Virtual Classroom courses, which is split into shorter blocks over a longer period.

Visit the A2LA WorkPlace Training calendar to view our scheduled courses, you can click any course to see if the same subject is also offered in hybrid form. If you are interested in other forms of remote training, consider A2LA WPT’s self-directed e-learning modules.