Training Course For ISO/IEC 17025

Learn ISO/IEC 17025 clause by clause in our introductory training courses. Advanced courses take a deeper look at the standard’s application.
Many ISO/IEC 17025 courses are now available remotely through our live Virtual Classroom.


AWPT offers a comprehensive list of ISO/IEC 17025 training courses for testing and calibration laboratories, taught by expert instructors with relevant experience and professional insight. From bench-level laboratory staff to directors and management, A2LA WorkPlace Training courses provide the tools to understand, implement, and maintain ISO compliant quality systems across your entire organization.

What You’ll Learn

Experienced instructors with industry insight will teach the most up-to-date requirements, including management and technical aspects. An in-depth approach encourages critical thinking and shows participants how to analyze and improve their own laboratories. Our extensive course options cover all aspects of the standard and include several ISO/IEC 17025 auditor training courses. Learners will build on existing knowledge and strengthen their expertise with each course they take. Those who complete appropriate coursework will be well prepared to achieve ISO accreditation. Our approach includes classic lecture style, interactive components, and guided exercises. A well-balanced format helps all types of learners benefit from the coursework.

No matter which course you select, you’ll gain the ability to identify risk and potential nonconformities in your laboratory and understand how to apply solutions to these problems. With this knowledge, you’ll make better quality management decisions that promote your lab’s effectiveness and success. We provide the foundation you need to achieve and demonstrate compliance, as well as secure a leg up on your competition.

Course Selection

Find the right ISO training course for you or your organization. We offer instruction in Spanish for some courses. If you have any questions about our courses, let us know, or request a custom on-site course just for you with our contract training.

A comprehensive review of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Participants will gain an understanding of conformity assessment using the risks and opportunities-based approach.
This course focuses on the application of the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and the AOAC International Guidelines for Laboratories Performing Microbiological and Chemical Analyses of Food, Dietary Supplements Requirements, in an accredited food testing laboratory setting.
Participants from the cannabis industry - from growers to regulators to testing laboratories - will learn how and why the new ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard applies to them and how accreditation improves the visibility, creditability, and safety of the cannabis industry. This course is presented for the benefit of all industry stakeholders, however, its basis is for application in cannabis testing facilities.
Learn the basic concepts of management system documentation structure, content, and development. Participants will also practice developing processes, standard operating procedures, and applying mechanisms needed to control, review, and update documents on an ongoing basis.
Gain an understanding of risk-based thinking from an international standards perspective. The participant will learn risk concepts from ISO 31000 and ISO 9000 and become familiar with industry tools used to assess and manage risk in the ISO conformity assessment arena.
This ISO/IEC 17025 auditor training course introduces participants to ISO 19011, the guideline for auditing management systems as applied to ISO/IEC 17025. The participant will learn about auditing principles and develop skills for performing higher-value internal audits. The course includes hands-on exercises for planning, establishing, implementing and maintaining an audit program, and focuses on developing auditing methods, questioning techniques, and record-sampling.
Gain the tools to react more successfully to non-conforming events in your organization. Participants will identify and analyze non-conforming scenarios using a variety of techniques and will practice using various cause analysis and corrective action selection processes to support process improvement.
This ISO/IEC 17025 auditor training course begins by introducing the participant to internal auditing philosophies and concepts of ISO 19011 and then focuses on the ISO/IEC 17025 standard requirements and concepts. It concludes by applying the auditing techniques of ISO 19011 to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. Participants will receive hands-on training as an internal auditor reviewing ISO/IEC 17025 conformant systems using scenarios common to testing and calibration laboratories.